How to Change or exchange 500rs All Banks in India


How to Change or exchange 500rs All Banks in India

If you turn over is not in cr. and you do not have any black money then don’t need to panic any more.

Just You need to wait for 1 day. Tomorrow 9th Nov till midnight all banks will be open but will not operative for government people.

SO the question comes in your mind how to change your 500rs notes. 

1) 9th November all banks will be closed for public, so you cannot exchange or change any of your 500rs notes. 
2) Mentally prepare for big rush at banks on 10th of November.
3) You can take unlimited of cash if you want to deposit your money into your bank accounts.
4) You need to take only 4000rs if you want to exchange in post office or bank. This limit will icnrease in some days.

How to Change my 500rs in banks in india

  • Mentally prepare for rush
  • Take only 4000rs to exchange to any of your nearest post office.
  • Take your adhaar card.
  • Stand in a que.
  • Wait for your turn to come.
  • Give 4000rs. that means 8 500rs Notes to cashier with your ID card.
  • He will give you 100rs notes in exchange.

Please do comment if you face any problem.