Check here How to exchange your 500rs and 1000 rs note


Check here How to exchange your 500rs and 1000 rs note at the nearest bank of the post office. exchange 500rs and 1000 rs note 10th November to 30th December 2016.check-here-how-to-exchange-your-500rs-and-1000-rs-note

You have 50 Days to change your 500rs and 1000rs note in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that 500rs and 1000 rs note will not be continued in currency. It will not be considered as legal tender of exchange.  To manage this situation bank will be closed tomorrow and it will be considered as the public holiday.

One can change all the 500rs and 1000 rs note from 10th November 2016 to 30th December 2016. Any bank or Post office will accept these notes and they will give you the fresh note of 100rs. From today midnight 1000rs note and 500rs note will not be counted as a valid and considered as piece of paper.

So, in short, you don’t need to worry for your currency as you have total 50 days to change your money. If you are facing any kind of Emergency such as for example Hospital. they will accept this 500rs and 1000rs note.  Apart from that, you can buy medicine with doctor’s prescription.

PM Modi declares Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes to be void

You can use your ATM, Debit card, and Credit card, instead of using 500rs and 1000rs note.  You can also send cheque and DD to your concern persons.

From Monday onwards you can only withdraw 10000 in a single day and 20000 rupees in the week.  Modi has come up with this move to curb corruption from the country.  As discontinuing 500rs and 1000rs note will remove all the black money from the market.  All the retail outlet will accept Rs. 500 note and 1000rs Note to continue normal work and they have to keep the record of all the transaction.

It may be possible that one cannot change their money due to any reason than they can change it all the money by 31st march 2016.

Your all transaction of exchanging notes will be under the video camera. Every day you can exchange up to 4000rs note of 100rs against 500rs and 1000rs note.

If you have note changed your notes, then you can change it at reserve bank of India.  if you are the tourist in India and wanted to change the notes, you can change your 500rs and 1000rs note at any Airport.

Railway, bus, and airports will accept your notes for 72 hours. While you can still go for online transaction.

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