HindiJokes on 500Rs and 1000 Rupees Ban In India By Pm Narendra Modi


 HindiJokes on 500Rs and 1000 Rupees Ban In India By Pm Narendra Modi

In today’s unexpected and unofficial address which is being announced by PM Narendra Modi hiself is one of the biggest and most amazing and shocking for most of the people of India as he has banned the currency notes of 500 and 1000 from the India and has ordered that all the residing notes which is still outside the hands og government should be submitted to the Banks or Post Offices for taking the announced and new currency which is being made official by the Senior Government Officials and Reserve Bank Of India Cheif Urijit Patel today. The new currency notes which is in the made of 500 and 2000, will going to be made available in the market for normal use onwards from 10th November.jokes-in-hindi-on-the-500-and-1000-rupees-ban-in-india-by-pm-narendra-modi


पहले लोग गुलाबी होंठ के पीछे भागते थे ….और अब गुलाबी नोट के

Awesome Step taken by Our PM Mr. Modi ji. Highly appreciated.
#NoMoreBlackMoney #500KaNoteBand #1000NoteRIP


कल शेर मार्केट की माँ बेन होने वाली है !!!


Jio speed suddenly increased as people get busy in depositing money at ATMs and filling petrol. #rip500 #rip100


I vil accept Rs 500/- & Rs 1000/- notes without asking any question

…..@ Rs 10/kg………..


500 -1000 के नोट मेरे यहाँ स्वीकारे जायेगे

Dear Modi,
Thanks for making all those dead WhatsApp groups active again.


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